Starting your operations in 2005, Razek stood out for offering a wide range of national solutions, both in terms of electro-mechanical technology equipment, as well as in single-use products for different segments of Orthopedics – Arthroscopy Surgery of Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Wrist, Ankle and TMJ, several minimally invasive approaches for spine surgery, materials for foot, hand surgery, as well as solutions for neurology and otorhinolaryngology.

The product line offered had a large growth, which required a massive investment towards the construction of a new headquarters, which reflected the company’s innovative philosophy and the speed of growth.

In 2015, it presented the first line of implantable materials to the market, represented by an extensive range of fixing plates and cannulated screws and / or SnapOff screws for feet, which come to fill a huge gap in the national manufacturing scenario.

The construction of the new headquarters, designed according to the most modern engineering concepts, the expressive expansion of the range of single-use products and the release of the first line of implantable materials, crown this remarkable trajectory of services provided to the Brazilian medical community.


Artur Cesar Sassoli
Renaldo Massini Junior