Of French origin, EuroScrew is a bio-absorbable interference screw for cruciate ligament reconstruction. This screw has a design equally well suited to grafts of the rotulian or gracilis tendon and semitendinosus genus.

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Technical Specifications

Composition: EuroScrew is composed 100% of PLA, a polymer known to be degradable by hydrolysis.

Reabsorption: The loss of mechanical properties occurs in a period between 8 and 10 months, which ensures healing of the graft. Complete resorption occurs after 24 months.

Femoral: Femoral Screws have a hemispherical head, which reduces the risk of damage to the femoral glenoid.

• Tibial: Tibia Screws have a flat head, which allows them to be screwed deep into the tibial canal. They are longer and wider (in diameter) than the femoral screws.


Femoral Screw:
• EuroScrew Ø 7 mm L 24 mm – T720724
• EuroScrew Ø 8 mm L 24 mm – T720824
• EuroScrew Ø 9 mm L 24 mm – T720924

Tibial Screw:
• EuroScrew Ø 8 mm L 30 mm – T720830
• EuroScrew Ø 9 mm L 30 mm – T720930
• EuroScrew Ø 10 mm L 30 mm – T721030