FastFit Razek

FastFit Razek family implants are composed of a flexible suture anchor and a cortical plate, interconnected by an adjustable suture, and are indicated for reapproximation and stabilization between bone structures in different arthroscopic or conventional orthopedic surgical procedures. The unique combination of the flexible suture anchor and the cortical plate results in a hanging fastener element that acts as a stabilizing or distributing pole for tensile loads. The adjustable suture, in turn, has an adjustable knot for quick regulation of the fastening tension of the assembly and the distance between bone structures.
When compared to traditional button-button fixation systems, FastFit Razek has the advantage of preserving the 4th cortical bone, resulting in a mounting process with reduced biological material removal and fewer protrusions.

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Technical Specifications

Characteristics of Anchors

• Available in 2.5mm diameter – loaded with very high resistance wires (UHMWPE ** ForceFiber® Teleflex **);
• Reduced bone removal – the smaller diameter drill makes the hole created for the implant much smaller. Consequently, there is a greater preservation of the bone-tissue contact surface, in addition to less aggression, considerably decreasing pain during the post-surgery period;
• Complications such as fractures, ostolysis and synovitis are minimized, which can occur with other materials, mainly in bioabsorbables;
• The reduced diameter of the anchor reduces the need for greater bone perforations, common in metallic, peek and bioabsorbable anchors, causing complications such as bone fragility and relections to be minimized. In addition, in cases where more anchors are needed, there will be less chance of complications and greater possibility for its proper positioning;
• With the implant totally based on suture threads, the possibility of free intra-articular bodies that can occur in other types of implants is eliminated.

Characteristics of Cortical Plates

• Cortical Plates available in 3 models, for different applications;
• The STD cortical plate’s geometry allows its passage through a bone tunnel with the aid of the passage suture. Typical EasyFlip design that makes it unnecessary to use additional sutures to tumble the device;
• The ACB cortical plate’s geometry allows its perfect fit into a wide range of different bone structures, with a large surface area and excellent distribution of tensions on the cortical surface;
• The ACP cortical plate’s geometry allows its fit into the holes of the Contact Plates, which are part of the FastFit Razek family, and in the compression holes of the plates of the Rigid Mounting System UpperTreat RZ, giving the surgeon the option of performing a combined repair;
• Cortical Plates and Contact Plates made of ASTM F136 titanium alloy.



2,5 Adjustable (FST 15-25M) – Cód.: 500120015
2,5 Adjustable (FAP 15-25M) – Cód.: 500120020
2,5 Adjustable (FPC 15-32M) – Cód.: 500120021
2,5 Adjustable (FPC 15-36M) – Cód.: 500120022
2,5 Adjustable (FPC 15-40M) – Cód.: 500120023
2,5 Adjustable (FAB 15-25M) – Cód.: 500120030