HalluFix PG Razek

HalluFix PG Razek screws are devices for bone synthesis that have been designed to allow full fixation of the proximal end to the cortical bone in surgical procedures, in which the screws are inserted at angles close to 45º in relation to the bone surface. Thus, they provide the surgeon with an alternative for fast, accurate and stable fixation in procedures
for correcting deformities, fusions and fractures.
They have non-rigid fixation characteristics, hexalobular fit, are cannulated, non-resorbable and self-tapping.

No. ANVISA: 80356130184
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Technical Specifications

• Manufactured from ASTM F136 titanium alloy with anodized finish
• Headless design, in which the proximal end is tapered, threaded and angled
• They have total thread, designed to guarantee better fixation stabilization
• Available in 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm diameters and in a wide range of lengths, compatible with various bone structures and surgical procedures

• Distal Thread with 3.0 mm in diameter
• Head Diameter: 4.1 mm
• Thread length: total
• Minimum size: 28 mm
• Maximum size: 50 mm
• Guide wire: 1,1 x 150 mm

• Distal Thread with 4.0 mm in diameter
• Head Diameter: 5.3 mm
• Thread length: total
• Minimum size: 34 mm
• Maximum size: 70 mm
• Washer diameter: 6,6 mm
• Guide wire: 1,4 x 150 mm