The Maxcut kit provides all the disposables needed to perform disc decompression. Its Bone Debridement Cannula removes structures, enabling access to the disc. The Puncture Cannula performs the initial puncture and through it the Nitinol Wire is properly positioned to later conduct the non-disposable instruments, always by the same path. The 330 mm Ablator is responsible for dissection, hemostasis and fulguration in places of difficult access, thanks to its actuation system and its flexible tip that provides greater precision in movements. The Irrigation Equipment promotes continuous fluid flow, minimizing possible thermal damage to adjacent tissues as well as associated bleeding.

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Technical Specifications

• Sterilization: Ethylene oxide
• Sterilization validity: 2 years
• Single use product

• Items:
• 330 mm Ablator
• Irrigation Equipment
Types: Perforator – Evolution – STK – ATX
• Puncture Cannula
• Nitinol Wire
• Bone Debridement Cannula
Active tip types: OBC – TBPC – TBC – DBC – RBC – AMCC – INCC
Available fittings: R – A – F – L – E – M – W – K