Osteomax is indicated for a wide range of uses within the area of medicine. For example, it may be used in bone cutting, bone thinning in general, insertions, perforations, orthopedic procedures, in otolaryngology, among other applications. The equipment is driven by three types of portable electric motors: the Micromotor, Shaver and Minishaver. The motors are designed for the attachment of handpieces such as drills and microsaws (Micromotor) or microdebridation cannulas (Shaver and Minishaver).

• The drill handpiece makes use of rotary
tools for drilling and bone thinning.
• The microsaw handpiece uses microsaws
for bone cutting.
• Rotating cannulas are used for
microdebridation of soft, cartilaginous
and bone tissues.

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Technical Specifications

• Supply voltage: 100 – 240 V~, 50/60Hz

• Net Weight:
Control Unit: 2.74kg
Pedal: 2.5 kg
Micromotor: 0.45 kg
Shaver: 0.65 kg
Minishaver: 0.46 kg

• Carrying case included