STP Pain Cannula

The STP Pain Cannula is a device that allows you to perform drug or anesthetic stimulation and blockade on peripheral nerves safely and accurately. It has an insulating Nano-coating over its entire length, leaving only the bevel exposed, ensuring a precise stimulus in the desired region. Its high-intensity echogenic tip allows precise localization in ultrasound-guided procedures.

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Technical Specifications

• Needle with markings every 1 cm so that the physician is oriented as to the depth of the puncture;
• Stimulation cable with standard plug compatible with the main stimulators on the market;
• Luer-lock connection for infusion and performing drug blocking;
• Useful length: 50, 80, 100 and 120 mm;
• Diameter: 21 G (0.8 mm);
• Sterilized by ethylene oxide;
• Sterilization validity: 2 years;
• Single-use product.


• STP Pain Cannula 50 (Code: 921200100)
This model features a 50 mm long cannula.

• STP Pain Cannula 80 (Code: 921200200)
This model features a 80 mm long cannula.

• STP Pain Cannula 100 (Code: 921200300)
This model features a 100 mm long cannula.

• STP Pain Cannula 120 (Code: 921200400)
This model features a 120 mm long cannula.