PB DiscSys

The PB DiscSys provides a method for treating cervical, thoracolumbar, and lumbar intradiscal decompression by performing coagulation, dissection, or electrosurgical fulguration while promoting continuous fluid irrigation through the Trocater. The irrigation is performed by gravity, but the flow can be amplified with the use of the unique Flow Booster, as well as easily controlled by the surgeon using the Clamp to interrupt the flow. Its active tip in noble and polished material avoids tissue adhesion and provides heat transfer away from the tip, avoiding overheating of adjacent tissues. Such characteristics allow the preservation of the structures, avoiding possible bleeding and improving the post-operative period.

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Technical Specifications

• Sterile, single-use kit for the intradiscal access and decompression procedure;
• Trocater with integrated, surgeon-controlled irrigation that enables irrigation, insertion and removal of instruments;
• Available in 2 versions with different lengths, covering different regions of the spine;
• It provides high precision in the performance of its functions, minimizing the chances of damage to local tissues;
• It allows effective vaporization and coagulation with minimal blood loss;
• Bipolar hemostasis clamp with an active tip that allows for tissue clamping and an ergonomic handle that reproduces the natural clamping movement of the surgeon’s hand.


• PB DISCSYS – C (881490200) – 300 mm
Bipolar Hemostasis 300 (1 unit);
Trocater C (1 unit);
Shutter C (1 unit);
Trephine C (1 unit);
Puncture Cannula (1 unit);
Nitinol Guide Wire (1 unit);
Flow Booster – Accessory (2 units).

• PB DISCSYS – L (881490100) – 450 mm
Bipolar Hemostasis 450 (1 unit);
Trocater L (1 unit);
Shutter L (1 unit);
Trephine L (1 unit);
Puncture Cannula (1 unit);
Nitinol Guide Wire (1 unit);
Flow Booster – Accessory (2 units).