PB FlushTouch

The PB FlushTouch is designed to perform coagulation, dissection, cutting, or electrosurgical fulguration, allowing irrigation directly to the active tip simultaneously. Irrigation is carried out by gravity, but the flow rate can be amplified with the use of the unique Flow Booster, as well as easily controlled by the surgeon using the Flow Controller. Its active tip in polished noble metal prevents the tissue from sticking, and provides a rapid transfer of heat away from the tip, avoiding overheating of adjacent tissues. Its design allows for maximum visualization of the operative field and precise pinpoint grasping of the tissue. The irrigation opening is located exactly on the gripping surface, providing a clean and clear operative field.

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Technical Specifications

• Available in the versions Straight Point and Curved Point, with specific purposes, designed to provide access to places of greater difficulty;
• Integrated irrigation in the active tip and controlled by the surgeon, allowing 2 simultaneous and independent functions;
• A well-crafted gripping surface ensures safe and precise handling;
• Designed to provide gentle, efficient coagulation with less possibility of bleeding in highly vascularized regions;
• Volumetric tissue removal with little collateral damage to the soft tissue;
• Sterile presentation;
• Single-use product;
• Bipolar.


• 205 Straight Tip (881470100)
This model has a 205-mm-long shank with a straight tip.

• 228 Straight Tip (881470200)
This model has a 228-mm-long shank with a straight tip.

• 135 Straight Tip (881470400)
This model has a 135-mm-long shank with a straight tip.

• 228 Curved Tip (881470300)
This model has a 228 mm long rod with a curved tip (45°).

• Accessory
Flow Booster: The accessory must be used on the fluid container to intensify the flow of irrigation fluid. 2 units per product are included.