PB SafeBlend

The PB SafeBlend is intended to perform coagulation, dissection, or electrosurgical fulguration, in delicate surgical procedures where minimal thermal damage to adjacent tissues is critical. Its active tip in noble and polished material avoids tissue adhesion and provides heat transfer away from the tip, avoiding overheating of adjacent tissues. Such characteristics allow the preservation of the structures, avoiding possible bleeding and improving the post-operative period. The active tip with a clamping movement facilitates hemostasis, offering safety and precision in the surgical act.

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Technical Specifications

• Bipolar hemostasis forceps with an active tip that allows for tissue clamping and an ergonomic handle that reproduces the natural clamping motion of the surgeon’s hand.
• Available in the Straight (300 and 450) and Curved (300) versions, with specific purposes, designed to provide access to more difficult places as well as greater comfort for the surgeon;
• Designed to provide smooth, efficient coagulation with less chance of bleeding in highly vascularized regions;
• Allows clotting effectively and minimal bleeding;
• Provides high precision in performing its functions, minimizing the chances of local tissue damage;


• 300 Curved (881510200)
300 mm long rod with curved tip

• 300 Straight (881510100)
300 mm long rod with a straight tip

• 450 Straight (881510300)
450 mm long rod with a straight tip