Razek Cannulated Compression
Screw Instrumental Kit

The Razek Cannulated Compression Screw Instrument Set has the function of providing the surgeon with the necessary instruments for the implantation of the MM (2,2) and PG (3,0) Razek Cannulated Compression Screws in the fixation of fractures, osteoarthritis or deformities in bones with mini and micro or small and large fragments.

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Technical Specifications

• Items:
Solid Hexalobular 7 Screw Driver 70 mm
Solid Hexalobular 10 Screw Driver 70 mm
Hexalobular 7 Canulated Driver 70 mm
Hexalobular 10 Canulated Driver 70 mm
Burr for Compression Screw 2,2
Burr for Compression Screw 3,0
Drilling Guide 2,2
Drilling Guide 3,0
Compression Screw Countersink 2,2
Compression Screw Countersink 3,0
Adson Forceps
Verbrugge Forceps
Quick Coupling Cable 4,5 mm
Quick Hitch Chuck Guides
Periosteal Elevator
Perforation Restrictor
Depth Gauge 40 mm
Sterilization Tray