STP Pain Plus Cannula Set

The STP Pain Plus Cannula Set is a single-use set of instruments that allows for safe and accurate peripheral nerve stimulation and anesthetic or drug block in spine, shoulder, hip, and knee procedures. It has an insulating Nano-coating over its entire length, leaving only the bevel exposed, ensuring a precise stimulus in the desired region. Its high-intensity echogenic tip allows precise localization in ultrasound-guided procedures. Needle with markings every 1 cm so that the physician is oriented as to the depth of the puncture.

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Technical Specifications

• Sterile, single-use instrument kit, designed to provide access in the most difficult places;
• Provides medicated peripheral nerve stimulation through the Extensor Tube;
• It features high precision for nerve localization, minimizing the chances of damage to adjacent tissues;
• It offers a useful method for localizing nerves, enabling a high success rate in performing peripheral nerve blocks;
• It provides reduced risks related to vascular puncture, trauma to nerve roots, and low diffusion of anesthetics in the frame of choice;
• Nano-coating insulating coating, ensuring precise stimulation in the desired region;
• Wide range of lengths, being compatible with several surgical procedures
• Graduated needles, helping the surgeon with the depth of the puncture;
• Sterilized by ethylene oxide;
• Validity of sterilization: 2 years.


• STP Pain Plus Cannula Set 50 (Code: 921210100)
STP Pain Cannula 50 (2 units)
Extension Tube (1 unit)

• STP Pain Plus Cannula Set 80 (Code: 921210200)
STP Pain Cannula 80 (2 units)
Extension Tube (1 unit)

• STP Pain Plus Cannula Set 100 (Code: 921210300)
STP Pain Cannula 100 (2 units)
Extension Tube (1 unit)

• STP Pain Plus Cannula Set 120 (Code: 921210400)
STP Pain Cannula 120 (2 units)
Extension Tube (1 unit)