Triplet HD

Triplet HD is a device designed to provide the complete solution for surgical procedures, i.e. to illuminate, capture and record images, and to rotate a slide for arthroscopy by means of a motor. The equipment has display with touch screen, through which the professional visualizes and executes all the configurations and functions of the same.

Images merely illustrative

Technical Specifications

• Voltage: 100 – 240 V~
• Imaging system: CCD 1/3″
• Video output: connector DVI-D or BNC or Mini-DIN4
• Standard connection for image recording: A-type USB
• Compatible USB flash drive devices
• File system: FAT32
• Capacity: up to 16GB
• Image format: 16:9
• Resolution: 1080 lines
• Minimum sensitivity: 0,1 Lux
• Led power: 75W
• Light intensity: 3.600 lumens
• Speed (oscillating mode)
• Min.: 500 rpm and max.: 3.000 rpm
• Speed (direct and reverse modes)
• Min.: 500 rpm and max.: 8.000 rpm (shaver handpiece)
• Min.: 500 rpm and max.: 10.000 rpm (mini shaver handpiece)