Osteomax is an equipment indicated for bone cuts, perforations, insertions, bone thinning in general. It has an Electric Micro Motor that must be used with the Power Motor System handpieces or with the Drill Razek HPF. It also allows the connection of a Shaver Handpiece, which must be used with the Cannula Kit for Bone Debridement and also with the Cannula Kit of Percutaneous Disc Discectomy.

The Power Motor System, Drill Razek HPF, Bone Debridement Cannula Kit and Percutaneous Disc Discectomy Cannula Kit are not part of the product and can be purchased separately.

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Technical Specifications

• Voltage: 100 – 240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Micro Motor
• Speed (direct and reverse mode)
• Min.: 2,000 rpm and max: 45,000 rpm

• Speed (oscillating mode)
Min.: 500 rpm and max.: 3,000 rpm

• Speed (direct and reverse modes)
Min.: 500 rpm and max.: 8,000 rpm